Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE

The sawmill specialized in oak / maker of wooden floor, wood for frames, contacts or sleepers

Exploitation forestière
Route de Limoges
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Oak floor traditionally made with respect to the environment

Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE

Based in Uzerche, Corrèze, the Valette enterprise is a sawmill specializing in oak, douglas and beech.
With his expert knowledge as a saw miller and parquet floor layer, its manager, Francis Valette and his team make wooden floor, frame contacts and sleepers in the most traditional way.

Thanks to 563.000 hectares of Limousine forests half of which is composed of oaks, the enterprise has a huge wood stock and ensures an optimum management of its quality.

« For generations, we have kept the same work philosophy. We give the customer the most suitable product for him and give him specialists’ advice concerning storage, laying and upkeep. »

Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE
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