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When wooden floors make environmental sense

Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE Scierie-Parqueterie VALETTE

Warming and aesthetically pleasing, the Valette enterprise’s solid wooden floor is made from a wood which had two steps of seasoning:

› The first step consists of storing the wood during a year in order to eliminate the intercellular humidity stored in the wood structure.

› he second step is to store the wood in a dryer during three weeks to complete the elimination of intracellular humidity.

These two steps give a final humidity rate from 8 to 10%. This enables the product stabilization in normal condition of humidity of a house (10-12%).

The dried planks can be planed, gauged, qualified in accordance with different choices.

«The enterprise orientations respect the environment, notably by the waste valorization. Shavings made during the gauging are taken to become fuel for the wood boiler which makes the heat in the dryer. »

Scirie-Parquetterie VALETTE

On the AB choice or first more rustic choice, a cellulose paste is put on knots to prevent it from splitting during the drying. This paste, after the gauging (planing), is only located in the knot’s heart in a very weak quantity, so it is visible. This operation enables a better stability of the wooden floor after the laying.

New product=> the “Plus” wooden floor: traditional wooden oiled floor in solid oak.

The oiled wooden floor method consists in covering the wooden floor with a mixture of oil and wax. Naturally penetrating, very fluid with no odour, this mixture penetrates deep into the wood fibers conserving its natural aspect and elasticity. The wooden floor is protected from dust, shocks, scratches or even water.

Our choice is made up of 3 main shades: tanned natural, tinted, white. For surfaces superior to 50m2 other shades can be provided.

There is also in these choices a traditional oak floor only gauged (planed) called “parquet plus” (the plus wooden floor) which enables the buyers to choose the finish.

Specification: thickness 21mm width 110.130mm- choice: 1st rustic (AB).

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